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Using some of the latest production machinery we are capable of producing Type 3 Spiral, Type 7 (5) Spiral and Heavy Duty Type 9 Spiral zips to exacting “made to measure” standards.

Likewise our state of the art moulding section produces customer orders of No.6 Plastic, Heavy Duty No.8 and No.10 Plastic, all in a variety of styles “made to measure” to suit most purposes.

Manufactured to BS3084 the “PEX” zip fastener is a high quality product.

Special orders related to bespoke zip designs are catered for. We can offer expert advice and assistance in all aspects of these specialist orders.

Both Plastic and Spiral Chain are available with a range of fashion sliders. And if we can’t manufacture or supply from stock we will endeavour to source the correct product for you.

  With few technical inhibitions and automated lines most orders can be supplied in highly competitive lead times, essential for meeting demanding deadlines.

As part of the supply chain, we understand that prompt deliveries ensure the sales your competitors fail to achieve….

The partnerships between supplier and customer are maintained by the exacting standards of the product and the professional way that product is supplied.

You will find our PEX products in many of the major high street stores and retail outlets.

Zipex. Products supplied professionally…to you.