Continuous Chain         

Spiral Plaspex (Plastic moulded zips)
chain type mtr / spool extra wide

fire retardant

chain type

mtr / spool

s3 250


s3 100

Water repellent chain.

P6 200
s5/6 (6mm) 200


P8 100
s7 (s5) 250   P10 100
s7 (s5) 100

Water repellent chain,


Available in 1580 & 1501

s7 combi 200

Fire retardant chain

All 'Plaspex' continuous chain can be produced in a combination of colours
as per customer requirement.

s7 combi 150

40 & 49mm    100 61mm

s8 and s9 100    
s10 100    


Water repellent chain
For compatible sliders for use with the above chain, please click the designer sliders link.

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Type 3 Chain & Sliders.

S33V Concealed Chain & Sliders.

Type 5 Chain & Sliders


Packed 6 metres on a spool, with 12
auto-lock sliders pre-attached.

Available in a range of colours.


Specialist Uses

s3 Water repellent chain available in matt and gloss finish.

s7 (s5) Water repellent chain. Now also available in white, with matching reverse body A/L slider.

s7 (s5) Fire retardant chain.

All s7 (6.4) special designer sliders are compatible with s7 combi chain.

s10 water repellent chain.

s7 "Combi" is manufactured to allow one side of the chain to be joined to itself, if required (with no loss of strength). This makes it ideal for use in portfolios and similar products where simplified production can reduce manufacturing costs. 

In addition to the standard auto-lock slider, all of our s5 designer sliders are compatible with s7 “Combi” continuous chain making it a truly versatile product.

s7 is available in 32mm, 40mm, 49mm and 61mm extra wide tape from stock in black, colour 1580.

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